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Warner Bros has made it official, announcing that The Real will return for a second season. Hosted by Tamera Mowry-Housley, Tamar Braxton, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai and Adrienne Bailon, the panel talk show already had been cleared in two-year deals on the majority of its stations, and it has done well in its freshman run, with the renewal fully expected.

The formal pickup comes as The Real just set a new series high of 1.54 million average viewers and equaled a series-high household rating (1.2) during the most recent week of available national ratings (week of January 26-February 1). The Real ranks as the No. 1 new syndicated talk show of the 2014-15 television season among women 18-34, 18-49 and 25-54.

Additionally, The Real, executive produced by SallyAnn Salsano, has done very well online and on social media. For the 2014-15 season, The Real YouTube page has delivered more than 65 million video views, ranking No. 3 among all syndicated talk shows for the year, behind only The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Wendy Williams Show. And in terms of Facebook “likes,” hosts Mowry-Housley (4.8 million) and Tamar Braxton (3 million) rank among the six most popular syndicated talk programs/hosts.


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During a recent episode of “The Real,” Tamar Braxton opened up about an abusive relationship that she found herself in the middle of prior to meeting her husband, Vincent Herbert, and finding her way out of that situation.
“God really saved me from myself, because I was with the wrong person, and when I was with the wrong person, it made me feel bad about who I was,” the wife and mother explained. “He made me feel so bad about having dreams, having goals…and my dreams and goals was not the same as his. And because of that he used to beat me down, mentally and physically. It was just a really hard time for me.”
She credits her ex-boyfriend’s ability to get away with the abuse with her failure to realize who she was and what she deserved.

“The only reason why he got away with it then is because I did not know who I was, and I could not make the right decisions for myself because I didn’t know where to go…Yes, I do, and I did, have a real strong family background, but at that time, if you don’t know who you are, you don’t know where to go.”
Of course, this isn’t the first time that the singer has spoken of the experience, but it seems that she hopes that her story will serve as a cautionary tale to others, especially young women.
“That’s why I like to encourage all young ladies — I say it during my shows, I’m gonna say it here — get to know you.”

Hopefully, her story will help someone else in a similar situation.

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