How to do an export business in U.A.E

company setup in dubaiStarting your import and export business need proper understanding and guidelines of how doing it in that specific country. Before starting the export, the trader must obtain the export data associated with the trade agreement.

Before starting the export, the owner of the company should check out the export readiness. If your company has good export assets only in that case plan to export. When planning for export strategy always keeps it simple, practical, flexible. This would be profitable and sustainable export plan for the business. You can Earn foreign exchange by doing exports business.This brings profit for the exporter and also improves the economic condition of the country. Many traders are doing Company set up in Abu Dhabi for import and export.

Starting an export business in UAE you need a registration from the customs. This department is providing full services to do import and export business in U.A.E. Dubai custom has online declaration and clearing system. It is user guide give all information how to get started and registered.

Online you can easily register yourself with the customs office. But you have to present documents to the customs office. Goods exported from the U.A.E pass through the customs office. They have the list of all prohibited export items.

Trade company free agreement with U.A.E and other countries limit the tariffs. If starting to do Company set up in Dubai, they also have rules of export business.

Export business in U.A.E and the procedure:

Export is a business of a good or commodity that is transferred from one country to another in a legal way. Export is very important for any country economic condition. If the product is locally manufactured and locally purchased, then no customs duty is involved in exporting.

The method for export:

  • All documents which are required should be submitted by the company owner.
  • The Company owner has to pay export declaration registration fee.
  • They receive the customs declaration.

Required documents for doing export business:

  • Application of the declaration by the authorised licensed company of the country.
  • An export permit from the competent agency.
  • Invoice of the sale from a company that has a license. Or company operating under the custom system showing quantity and details of each item
  • Clearing the declaration of goods.

Same procedure for the trader doing company set up in Abu Dhabi.

A method for temporary export business in U.A.E:

Goods exported in this type is of repair and reconstruction, can be for the purpose of exhibition or used in projects and returned in the same way.

The person starting the business has to submit all the documents that are required for the temporary export. Pay the temporary registration fee. The customs office Representative should approve all goods and invoices.

The documents required for temporary export required goods clearing declaration, original invoices and packing list with HS codes. Also a letter from the company requesting the temporary export.

Company setup in Abu Dhabi required the same procedure and required all the same documents.