How To Engage More People With Hidden Social Media Features

Various hidden features on social media are present. These features are also found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other networks. You can get access to both personal and business pages of this kind. There are several ways to address these hidden social media features. These features can be seen in several ways. Here we discuss some of the ways to use hidden social media features. These are as follows:

Mute people

There is a feature of muting people instead of unfollowing them. It is one of the hidden features on tweeter. You can mute people from your timeline without getting to know them. It will happen secretly on Twitter in just your recognition. You cannot access to tweets of accounts which you have muted from your profile. A specific procedure is to be followed to mute people. To do this, you need to click on the Twitter handle of users which you want to mute. After that, you can mute them from your account.

Tag up to 10 people

 Social MediaYou can tag up to 10 people when you tweet on Twitter. Your photo can be tagged to specific people on Twitter. These tags do not count to 140 characters. You should not be spammy if you want to tag people in your photo. You can tag to influencers to connect with them for event organization and product launch. There is a simple way to tag people. You need to upload a picture on Twitter and then click on who is in the photo. If you buy followers on Instagram and likes then use maximum hashtags to engage more people.

Other messages

Area of other messages is available on Facebook. But Facebook has changed it a little bit. Previously, other messages were shown as it is. But now you can see your other messages in more and filtered.

See insights of each user

You can see insights of each post on your page. It can be possible by following some easy steps. You need to click on the link to your post. It will show all comments, likes, and shares of posts.

Not connected with user on LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, you can now connect with an individual in the same group. You need to find a user with whom you want to message. Then you can click on three dots which are available on the right-hand side of the post. Now you can reply to this user privately.

Showcase page

You can show your company to other people through showcase page. You can show different products on this page. To create showcase page, you can go to edit over on your page and then create it.

College of images

Now you can create a college of your images on tweeter. You can select 1-3 pictures for making college.

Embed slide share presentation

You can embed slide share presentation by copying the link of presentation into a tweet. Tweet allows you to do it.

Posts to your page

Now you can watch photos which your followers and other pages tag to your page. To do it, you need to simply click on photo section which is available at the left-hand side of the page.


On Facebook, you have arranged section of videos, photos, and apps.

So, all of these are hidden features and their uses. Users can easily use these features by different strategies.