New types of social media marketing

buy real active instagram followersNegative marketing

Negative marketing has recently grown in some countries. This kind of marketing is not simple but is done now regularly. Such marketing does draw people to make fun of the person is in the campaign. Such kind of marketing needs great kind of draw and attention. Because a negative marketing can go from worst to wrong and it would be able to control that is why negative marketing is maintained. It carefully drafted and promoted through the social media. This kind of marketing is not normally ok. But sometimes and only sometimes it can work magic.

Challenger Marketing

Challenger marketing is always good and skyrocketing. This kind of marketing is increasing because of three main things. One the users love a challenge. Second users get his family and friends involved in the marketing. The marketing draws the right amount of attention towards the person itself. These are the reason that this marketing has been promoted. The challenge is of two types of people the person who has been doing the challenge. Once he has done the challenge, he appoints the new person to do the challenge in his place.

Hero Marketing

Hero Marketing is very straight forward there is no change in this marketing. The name says it all the hero marketing means users a person who is a local hero. They can use the person to attract the local towards the business itself. The business may not be booming but if the business is lacking something. It will draw the normal amount of the users towards itself. Hero marketing can range from the small amount of marketing to a large amount of local marketing. Sometimes business ends up with growing on the larger platforms. Such marketing is used by inviting a local.

Celebrity marketing

Celebrity marketing is one of those marketing that has been there for a long, long time. Celebrity marketing means there are a lot of users who may want the right direction. The celebrity marketing attracts a lot of users in very small time. The number of users increases with growing time as they see their favorite celebrity promoting the product in his prime time. The celebrity marketing has some flaws too. The celebrity may not or don’t even know what the product is doing. This might look bad on the image of the celebrity so most of the time a celebrity doesn’t get draw towards such kind of marketing.

Streaming marketing

Streaming marketing is done through the platform. This kind of marketing means business. Hence a large number of the follower are bought before hand. For example, buy real Instagram follower is done on Instagram. Then the stream is promoted on Instagram and shared. The more stream gets to share the famous it gets. That is why stream marketing is very easy task hence little investment is needed on the buying end. Instagram followers don’t come cheap, but they can be purchased easily.