To 15 Online marketing trends for 2017

Instagram marketing trendsCelebrity marketing

This kind of marketing is done everywhere and very trendy. Put a celebrating on the marketing stand make them say things, and the product will get marketed. According to the survey, this kind of marketing works people are attracted by the celebrity charms.

Veteran marketing

This kind of marketing has been there for a long, long time. This marketing helps both the person who is getting the product marketed. The person who is called veteran here is the users of the expert for a long, long time. This kind of marketing helps the users to believe and expand the marketing.

Local marketing

Local marketing can be done by using local on the social media. The people who will be following that local will be amazed to see how local can turn into a tv star and is doing the marketing process. Such kind of marketing is appreciated by the users all around.

Negative marketing

Negative marketing is the new trend of the online marketing. The product is marketed by some lunatic on the marketing video. The video is made fun by all the people who watch the video and share on a large scale. Although people who are watching the video are making fun of the person. But they are promoting him through the marketing.

Positive marketing

This kind of marketing is done through supporting a cause. The cause can be anything it can be about building a school. It can be about telling the person what is right and wrong between people cause can be anything between two people.

Challenge marketing

The challenge marketing was accidently developed by the people. They were creating a challenge between two people, but it got promoted out eh social media as a trend. Hence such kind of marketing is done every know and then between people.

Giff marketing

Giff marketing is the new game. People are adapting to the new game. They like how funny this game is but people are still experimenting this kind of marketing. In future, this kind of marketing may evolve to something better.

Repins marketing

This kind fo marketing is done by proper help. If no proper help is done to the account. Then don’t expect much out of it. The right amount of some repins is required to promote the subject properly.

Brand marketing

Every brand is being marketing every now, and then such is simple and straight forward marketing.

Picture Marketing

Picture marketing is not good marketing at all. This kind of marketing has experimented before, and now people may accept that this kind of marketing is getting old. New things are taking over this kind of marketing style.

Picture challenge marketing

This is very similar to picture marketing. This kind fo marketing wants a user to take the picture.

Follower marketing

Follower marketing has been present for a long time. Buy Instagram likes and promote the product for doing the marketing process. This kind of marketing is new and old both at the same time.

Hero Marketing

The person who is called the hero promises the product.

Vs campaign marketing

Balance marketing

There is not cheating in this kind of marketing simply as hell marketing.