Top 3 First Person Shooter Unblocked games

First person shooter unblocked games are those which involved a lot of rifles and shooting based games. These games have a crosshair between the screen. The crosshair can be moved with the use of the mouse. The action button is then pressed so that weapon can fire and the person who is aimed in the game through that crosshair can be killed. These kind of unblocked games are very famous in the gaming community. Unblocked games have a large category of first person shooter games but these are top five games.

Counter strike global offensive

This game is one of the best first person shooter unblocked game. Counter strike global offensive is passed on few common things from its sister game counter strike 1.6. First, there is counter-terrorism on the team which makes sure that terrorist doesn’t reach their target. They have a certain set of weapons that can’t be purchased in the game by the terrorist but can be taken on the death of a counter-terrorist character. The terrorist has to plant the bomb and counter terrorist has to defuse the bomb. These games are very competitive and played all around the globe. They have huge and long last effect More players every day are lining up for purchasing the copy of the Csgo.

Resident Evil 6

This is one of those games which has marked its territory worldwide. This unblocked game story starts with the zombie apocalypse happening all around the world and there only a few people who got the cure. Few agents help the human in surviving this zombie apocalypse by working against the companies which are not letting the cure reach the community. Resident Evil 6 has the latest weaponry system and state of the art graphics. The game doesn’t have a competitive system but has a good storyline with complex game execution strategies. Resident Evil 6 has different characters which have different playing style and story line. Each of the story lines of Resident Evil has its own path that leads to ints own characterization. You can also play and enjoy run 3 online unblocked game for free.

Fallout 4

This game is based on the destruction of the world but is a well-crafted play unblocked games. The game starts with the war happening on the both sides a specious company registering different people to register for the special apartment that would save them from the nuclear bomb. The player starts with a story line that he got registered for that apartment and soon after a nuclear bomb falls on the country. He runs towards the apartment and gets his life secured. He wakes up after hundred years almost to find out about his family. His wife is killed and his son is missing. He starts his journey to find his son. He finds out that there is no home now and he has to fight to survive. Thus great unfolding story with great perks for the game. Fallout has received many awards due to its excellent first person shooter perspective.

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